Saturday, August 15, 2009

Learn More About Give.Gown

about give gown
due to the overwhelming recognition of recycling/going green Give.Gown was created as a grass roots program to give back to the unfortunate as well as those who can not afford to spend full retail on their dream wedding or formal gown. by donating your gown to Give.Gown you are helping to generate an ongoing recycling program and reducing your carbon footprint.give.gown. is a non-profit organization who collects used and gently used wedding gowns. our vision is that brides will purchase their wedding gowns through Give.Gown and then donate them back so another bride can also share her dream.

why should you help?
your gowns are just as important as recycling plastic and cardboard. whether your dream was fulfilled or due to unfortunate circumstances your wedding day was postponed or cancelled, Give.Gown can assist you with the next step in your wedding gowns life. we all know and understand to a certain degree what is happening in our economy today, we at Give.Gown also understand and our basic platform was created with the changing ecomonmy in mind. many bridal stores have closed and have left brides without their gowns, many jobs have been lost and brides simply can not afford a wedding gown. until now... thanks to our foundation and your contributions we shall contiue to fulfill dreams, committments and walking down the aisle in a beautiful wedding gown. and the best part... when your wedding is over you can once again give back to another bride by donating your gown back to Give.Gown. the cycle continues one gown at a time!

where does my donation go?
all proceeds from both gown and monitary donations are applied to a general fund for purchasing of gowns for those unable to purchase gowns and the remainder of funds are divided among various charitable organizations around las vegas. some of the organizations include the breast cancer foundation, prostate cancer foundation, kidney foundation, returning war veterans, homeless organizations and animal foundations.

were you affected by a wedding company which was closed without notice?
recently Give.Gown received information about a Wedding Gown Salon who closed it's doors without giving notice to any of the brides who had not picked up their gowns. As of now there are over 70 brides in the Ft. Collins, Colorado area who do not have wedding gowns for their upcoming weddings. In many of the cases these brides do not have the funds to purchase another gown.

make a donation
if you are interested in making a monitary donation to allow Give.Gown to continue purchasing more gowns for future brides please click on our "donation link". Your donation, whether small or large makes a difference in each brides life, dream and journey.

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